>GotQuestions, quietly delivering the Good News

>I have been a volunteer writer for GotQuestions.org for about three or four years, and while I have had nothing to do with their pages that share the good news of the Gospel I am still extremely proud of the ministry that this website is doing (especially of the editor and his wife who have amazing hearts for the Lord). In case you are not familiar with the site, allow me to share a few quick statistics from the month of May. GotQuestions had:

579,282 total visitors;
392,837 unique visitors;
2,257 questions answered,
30,998 visitors to the English salvation pages;
3,190 salvation decisions indicated.

Of the salvation decisions indicated, 534 were from English-speaking visitors which means 2,656 were from non-English speakers. As a small sampling, 76 were Turkish, 18 were Thai, 69 were Farsi, 6 were Urdu and 101 were Indonesian. The amazing thing is that May was not at all an abnormal month. This ministry is humbly and quietly introducing people to Jesus and helping people along in their path to discipleship. You should check them out.


~ by Samuel on June 5, 2007.

One Response to “>GotQuestions, quietly delivering the Good News”

  1. >Oh yeah I love got questions – they do some very good work and I often introduce my christian friends to them too who need help with theological questions! Thanks for your work

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