>A Sunday morning Baptism

>This past Sunday, my sister-in-law Elizabeth (not to be confused with my sister Elizabeth) was baptized before her congregation and good portion of our family. You should check out my brother’s insightful blog about it. I cannot do the same justice to the event as my brother but I have been wanting to write about it as well.
Having spent the my last two semesters in a systematic theology class and living with friends who enjoy good theological debate, the topic of baptism has come up several times. Does baptism wipe away original sin as Catholics generally believe, does it claim a person for the Church instead of leaving them in their default state of belonging to the world as Reformed churches tend to think, or is it a simple yet profound profession of one’s faith to the Church, the world and to God? Should infant baptism be recommended or is believer’s baptism the only way to go? If someone has been baptized as an infant (as I was) should they also later undergo a believer’s baptism once they have given their life to Christ (as I also was)? These are, of course, important questions that deserve discussion and deliberation. At the same time, however, witnessing Elizabeth’s baptism left me for a time not caring in the least for these questions but instead simply revelling in the joy of her public confession of and commitment to Christ.
I have had the honor of getting to know my sister-in-law better in a few years than many people are able to know their in-laws in a lifetime. I have seen her love for Christ grow by leaps and bounds and have been impressed by and proud of her time and time again. This Sunday was something at a completely different level. The church aired a video of her testimony that had to have moved everyone in the church. With that set up, she was then baptised before the church and I (as well as many others) had the mixture of emotion that left me wanting to cry and wanting to shout at the top of my lungs for celebration. It was truly as if God had opened up a window between Heaven and Earth for a few moments in that church building allowing us to hear the shouts of joy resounding from the angels.
The baptism reminded me of my own commitment to Christ and the truth of the matter that I have become a new creation through His death and resurrection. I can’t help but think that it inspired everyone there to seek to live in accordance with their new life. Having witnessed this difficult step of obedience, I look forward to seeing what else Christ will do in my sister-in-law’s life. I am also reminded of this reality for all believers, and cannot wait to see just what Christ is planning to do in the lives of all His saints. What a great salvation.


~ by Samuel on June 8, 2007.

One Response to “>A Sunday morning Baptism”

  1. >Sam I gotta talk to you more about this! Just one of those questions that has been milling around in my crazy head for a long time.

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