>Milk-bones and Divine Providence

>A few minutes ago my dog, Bravo, brought my mom a 3×5 notecard he found somewhere in the house. She thought it was cute and gave him a Milk-bone in response. A minute or so later he brought me the same notecard. I gave him a Milk-bone too but told him, “I’m not giving you this bone because of the notecard, I’m giving it to you because I love you.” It was a cute gesture, but I honestly had no use or desire for a slightly soggy index card. He didn’t really seem to understand.
You might be laughing that I tried to explain this concept to my dog, and the truth is I knew he wouldn’t get it. It just felt like it should be said because it was true. As I said it, though, I realized that it was symbolic of a much larger truth.
God is always giving us such good gifts: family, friends, the Church, pets, homes, clothing, food, education, sunrises and sunsets, cold mornings and sunny afternoons, good books, 24 hour taco shops, running water, baseball on broadcast television.
Some of these may seem trite or insignificant, but every good thing is a gift from God. And yet, so often we find ourselves trying to do little good things here or there, or trying to sacrifice something so that we might earn God’s favor and blessings. The fact of the matter is that no matter what we do, no matter how hard we strive, there is nothing that we can offer to God that did not already belong to Him. There is no good thing that we can claim to have made with our own hands that He did not actually design. He provides for us, and protects us, and blesses us, and cares for us, and even walks with us through the hardest moments of life not because we brought Him something of great utility or of profound beauty but because He simply loves us. He just plain loves us. He just plain loves you. He loves you.
As for my dog; he won’t stop bringing me papers.


~ by Samuel on June 27, 2007.

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