>The Patriarchs weren’t Pansies

>I spent the past two days helping my brother and his family move. I could really end this post right there and you would understand, but I won’t.
Moving stinks. Even when it’s not really that much stuff. Even when the move is only three miles. Even when you are the one moving and you get to go sleep in a fully-assembled bed at night. Even when the people you are helping are nice the whole time and don’t yell at you for doing things the wrong way. Moving stinks.
The whole moving thing got me thinking, though. I was only helping other people move a relatively small amount of stuff three miles for two days with the assistance of trucks, dollies and hand-trucks, and it was not terribly fun.
The fathers of the faith had it much harder. Take Abraham for instance. As a 75 year-old man, he recognized the call of God on his life, packed up his wife and servants and set out to travel hundreds of mile by foot. Being a wealthy man, he also had herds of livestock to keep moving along with his possessions. God promised him a land, but he passed away without really having a home. Abraham moved perpetually in order to gain a homeland for his descendants, and basically died while on the move. All that in order to follow God.
Moses, Joshua and the rest of the Israelites were kept in a perpetual state of moving as well, for 40 years. Of course, it was a punishment for idolatry, but what a punishment! They bore the punishment though, for the sake of their children inheriting the Promised Land.
The Apostle Paul, once he took up his missionary call, was constantly moving from place to place. I doubt that he had many possessions, and he did manage to stay in Ephesus for three years, but beyond that he had no home and was constantly moving so that others might inherit the Kingdom of God.
When we read the stories of these patriarchs, we do so in the matter of a few minutes and we completely miss the struggle and toil they put forth year after year. They struggled and waited and suffered for the sake of following God. I’d like to say I could do that, but compared to those guys I am a pansy.


~ by Samuel on August 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “>The Patriarchs weren’t Pansies”

  1. >somehow i knew after the first sentence that this blog wouldn’t just be about helping your brother move… i like it.

  2. >Man I’m glad I didn’t yell at you while moving. i can only guess what this blog would have been about…

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