>"Sharks Moving to New Jersey" or Newsletters Sent Before Consideration


Please forgive me, but this blog will have nothing to do with theology or the faith. I just received this e-mail (on the right) from the San Jose Sharks fan newsletter. Read what you can of it first, then continue reading my writing.
Really, read the e-mail first.
Ok, I assume that you have read it, otherwise you are really spoiling this for yourself. You will no doubt have noticed that the SHARKS are MOVING TO NEW JERSEY! When I read that, my heart skipped a beat, my stomach turned over, my palms grew sweaty. MY Sharks are leaving San Jose for New Jersey? This cannot be! I quickly read the rest of the message and came to discover that the Sharks are not in fact leaving the West for the East Coast, but are simply going to begin wearing their new jersey with the updated logo. Exciting, but not frightening. I cannot help but think that the poor phrasing of this e-mail scared many a fan.

~ by Samuel on September 10, 2007.

One Response to “>"Sharks Moving to New Jersey" or Newsletters Sent Before Consideration”

  1. >As well it should have. I felt the same way. NOT FUNNY! 😉

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