>Do you know any people that just seem to make you feel a bit more alive? I am not talking about family members or even close friends; they are the people who keep you alive. They are of the utmost importance in life, but I am not talking about them because their very familiarity rules them out from being in this special class of people. Friends and family members probably would have been or once were these people for you, but they cannot be any longer because simply becoming accustomed to them is enough to dull you to the full effect of their presence. Trust me, the fault is not theirs but your own. We take things for granted, and we pay the price for it.
No, the people I am talking about are most likely people whom you know and see every six months or once a year. Perhaps you have only spent time with them once. But if you have any of these people, you know it.
These are the people that make you feel comfortable in your own skin. When you leave them, you thank God for convening your paths. You walk away with a bit more hope for the world, a bit more faith in the fact that the Holy Spirit really is at work. You are glad that they are going to be raising children. You hope that you can be this sort of person too, so that others can benefit from your simple presence.
I have quite a few of these people, and undoubtedly more waiting in the future. I have worked with them at camp, I have sat in their classes, I have visited them in their homes, I have met them in my church. Sometimes I will even recognize those who are most familiar to me as carrying this spark. Once or twice my eyes have been opened to see it in a stranger.
I love these people. I want to be one of these people.


~ by Samuel on September 11, 2007.

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