>Thanks, I guess

>I do not have much time this week to write for pleasure, but there is one thing worth taking a moment to discuss. In the midst of a stressful few days of studying and finishing big assignments, God has taught me a little something about thankfulness. My roommates and I are all jam-packed at the moment, which means the apartment is falling into disrepair. Looking at the overflowing pile of dishes in the sink, my thoughts somehow drifted from annoyance to a sort of thankfulness that we apparently had enough to eat and enough support to have too many dishes.
Walking to class yesterday, it dawned on me that I was thankful for class. Class now serves as a respite from homework.
In the midst of my homework it occurred to me that I am being given the chance to attain an better education than 99% of humans have ever enjoyed. Not only that, but my studies are all in subjects that I want to learn.
Let’s not say that I am “too blessed to be stressed.” I am indeed blessed, but still fallen enough to be stressed. It does cast a different tint on the world, though, to see things through eyes of thanksgiving.


~ by Samuel on September 26, 2007.

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  1. >so refreshing

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