>Finally Returning

>Given the fact that a blog’s popularity is tied largely to the regularity with which it is updated, I must assume that no one will read this post. In the off chance that someone does, thank you. I hope to begin writing regularly once again. As I neglected to explain a few months ago why my posting would die off, I will use this post to tell that tale, and hopefully soon return to more theological musings.
The fact is, I have been gone for three and a half months studying abroad in Oxford, England. Originally I had hoped to continue posting, but I neither had the time nor the desire to blog while there. “Why?” you might ask. I was kept busy learning to live in a new culture (surprisingly different than my own), doing more reading and writing than I have in any semester of my life save one, visiting famous sites, and falling in love. With a line-up like that, I hope that you can forgive me for my absence. The semester abroad was fantastic, and is almost impossible to recount in the blog medium (although a taste of my time can be found in my mom’s blog, from the 11 days in which she, my dad, and I travelled around England together). For that reason, I will leave this post now, and hopefully return soon with a more theological post. Thanks again, anyone who might be reading this.


~ by Samuel on April 29, 2008.

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