>Who are my readers?

>Although I rarely update this blog, I somehow manage to retain a few consistent readers, and I cannot help but wonder who they are. For instance, my most regular reader consistently visits from Lemoore, CA. So, any readers, first time or regular, and especially my reader in Lemoore, if you see this, please leave a comment and tell me a little about yourself. Thank you for reading.


~ by Samuel on January 11, 2009.

8 Responses to “>Who are my readers?”

  1. >Count me! Oh,count me! Mom

  2. >you know me already 🙂

  3. >My name is Elizabeth and I read the Leaky Jar.

  4. >I’m not an atheist and I read Leaky Jar.

  5. >I’m a Trinitarian and I read Leaky jar too.

  6. >Well, I am just some guy from an apartment that doesn’t have quite enough “Sam.” But it does have a lighter that looks like a giant match. And it cost a dollar. And I like leaky jar…especially when it leaks sweet honey.

  7. >G.G. reads your blog, and I think you know a little bit about me. Especially that I love you….and your blog!!! You can count on me being a fan forever. You very special man!!! Amy is one lucky girl!!!

  8. >I’d bet you would have more readers if you’d write a stinkin’ blog once in a while!

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